Freight Solutions is your one-stop Safety consulting and management company! Together We Create Special Solutions For Your Business.

Freight Solutions’s goal is to earn customer’s confidence through continuous improvement driven by integrity, teamwork & innovation of our people.


With over 15 years of experience in all aspects of the trucking industry, FSI is your one-stop Safety consulting and management company. At FSI, we are dedicated towards providing the highest quality of service at the most economical costs with our professional expertise.

Whether you are a new entrant or an established carrier with years of experience, safety is a requirement as well as a good practice for your business. FSI provides innovative safety practices that help you grow your business and results in reducing your overall liability by proper education, quality recruiting, latest trainings, updates and recommended guidelines as per MTO/DOT and Insurance requirements.

The owners of Freight Solutions have over 15 years experience in the transport industry. We bring this vast range of knowledge to the Trucking business and are dedicated to achieving excellence in our actions.

Freight Solutions was formed by professionals in the industry to offer dedicated professional and efficient services so that you can get on with the job of moving your freight. We have developed strong relationships with both Canadian and United States transportation authorities and our experts have detailed knowledge of accounting and audits. We have also established very strong relationships with most insurance companies.

Freight Solutions began operating business in the year 2001, offering services to transport companies and drivers in the filing of permits and other required paperwork, such as MTO and DOT regulations, authorities and permits, fuel tax, accounting, audits. We presently have dedicated and experienced professional employees, who have been trained in procedures and policies on a variety of Canadian trucking companies.

Our head office is centrally located in Brampton, Ontario, along the major intersections of Airport Rd & Williams Pkwy. FSI is also planning to open branch offices in other parts of GTA in the near future.


Paramjit Singh



Chandan Johal

Operations Manager


Chandan Johal

Operations Manager


Freight Solutions provides high-quality safety advice to all our clients. To help us provide this high level of service, we take the time to get to know our clients.

We work with our Clients to achieve results. We are dedicated to working with you to ensure you receive value and most importantly achieve a successful outcome. Key to the way we work is ensuring that we pass on our relevant experience and knowledge to our Clients so that they benefit. While we work with various formal methodolgies, we try not to get caught up in these when results can be achieved more pragmatically.

Our team bring together multi-dimensional and multi-international perspectives to each engagement, and through this collective experience we can offer innovative solutions. Our Clients engage Freight Solutions to take advantage of their specialist knowledge and experience. It is our objective in every engagement to equip our Clients with this knowledge, through relevant coaching and facilitation.

We, at Freight Soltuions Inc., make sure that the most logical and practical solutions are recommended, to suit each Client’s individual circumstances.